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Middletown Fire Inspections | Joseph Myers Investigation LLC | Middletown, NY

Fire Scene Investigations

We at Joseph Myers Investigation of Middletown, NY provide an economical service in which we send an expert to the scene, and he then reports to you what he finds at the scene. He will photograph, diagram and subsequently examine the scene, obtaining and documenting evidence as required.

Our fire examinations, fire inspections, fire scene investigations and forensic analyses will inform you of any facts you require to determine whether you need further investigation or if we should end the examination. We provide you with a report regarding our preliminary findings, and we will conduct further investigations should the claim be litigated.

When we conduct fire scene investigations and fire inspections, we thoroughly examine the scene and photograph as needed. We will also interview the person who discovered the loss event in order to obtain additional information. The firefighters who initially arrived at the scene will also be interviewed. Our fire examinations and forensic analyses permit us to learn how the fire occurred, and it lets us gather enough facts to testify if necessary.

We also provide professional supervision to ensure that all of our clients receive the most scientific and technological service we possibly can. You can trust that, when Joseph Myers Investigation determines the cause, are documentation will be very detailed. When we cannot determine the cause for the event, we will challenge any expert to provide a different scientific opinion.