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Fire Inspections

Joseph Myers Investigation: Providing Middletown, NY with superior fire scene investigations, fire inspections and fire examinations for years.

If you suspect a fire occurred due to an incendiary nature, you should immediately contact us to get Joseph Myers Investigation on the case.

There exist many red flags to indicate an incendiary nature that an adjuster may identify when the loss is reported. Other red flags exist at the scene as well, and we can discover those to figure out whether or not we need to conducted further fire inspections or fire scene investigations. Even if we do determine that the fire was an incendiary nature, there exist numerous subrogation avenues. When we discover an incendiary nature as the cause of a fire, you can expect that we will fully investigate and document all avenues of subrogation.

If we notice any indicators that a fire did not happen as it was reported, then a fire expert must be assigned to examine the scene of the fire. Should the independent fire expert or local officials come to the conclusion of an incendiary nature, then we at Joseph Myers Investigation recommend that you allow the investigator to thoroughly follow up on an investigation.

Joseph Myers Investigation is on the case, we will do everything in our power to uncover the truth about the origin of the fire.