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Bio: About Joseph Myers Sr.

Middletown Fire Inspections | Joseph Myers Investigation LLC | Middletown, NY

Joe became a career firefighter with the City of Middletown, NY and later rising to the rank of lieutenant. During his tenure with the City of Middletown besides from truck company assignments and firefighting a new found passion of auto extrication was set in motion. Joe designed techniques and later published an article in Fire Engineering magazine enabling quicker access to entrapped personnel by using air actuated equipment. After accessing the vehicle's infamous door "safety lock" then cutting certain pins depending on the make and model of the vehicle one could provide quicker release of the locking mechanisms from the natter bolt attached to the vehicle. Training of these techniques was provided to firefighters from New York to Florida. As one may have realized these techniques were developed prior too many fire departments being able to procure or afford the heavy rescue equipment currently on the apparatus.

Prior to retirement from the City of Middletown in 1985 his dedication to community, training and education, he continued his professional skills by being introduced into the field of Fire Origin and Cause Investigations. Another career began as a Fire Investigator for the County of Orange, New York. As the enthusiasm grew for his new position and developed into an unexpected passion Joe set his sights on becoming an accelerant detection K-9 Handler, the first in Orange County. Sponsored by Tom Lopez (retired), Chief of the City of Middletown Police Department, Joe and his new Chocolate Labrador K-9 partner Heidi soon graduated from the first K-9 accelerant detection program conducted by Fire Investigators from New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control. During both Joe's career and later with his K-9 partner Heidi's, safer environments were created for firefighters and the citizens of Orange and the surrounding counties by apprehending suspects, producing convictions through arrest of an incendiary nature suspects. After 17 years of service and obtaining the rank of Deputy Fire Coordinator of the Orange County an incendiary nature Task Force Joe decided to leave public service to operate and manage his own private investigation firm specializing in fire origin and cause investigations.

Since establishing his business thru the efforts conducted by Joseph Myers Fire Investigations, millions of dollars have been successfully secured, obtained and/or litigated due to incendiary fires, product failures, improper installation or workmanship.