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Fire Investigations

We assure you that we'll find the important facts and report them to you right away. We have highly qualified staff to assist with our investigation.

Fire Inspections

Joseph Myers Investigation: Providing New York Metropolitan and Hudson Valley Region with superior fire scene investigations, fire inspections and fire examinations for years. If you are in need of a reliable firm to determine the Origin, Cause and Responsibility of a fire you should immediately contact Joseph Myers Investigations LLC.

Fire Scene Investigations

We at Joseph Myers Investigation in New York Metropolitan and Hudson Valley Region provide an economical service in which we send an expert to the scene, and he then reports to you what he finds at the scene. He will photograph, diagram and subsequently examine the scene, obtaining and documenting evidence as required.

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Investigating a fire, whatever the cause, requires education, experience and expertise. It also requires thorough knowledge when it comes to fire science. Unfortunately, inspection companies still hire people without the education, experience and expertise in determining fire cause and origin. Such deficiencies show up years later in litigation where the outcome winds up costly.

We at Joseph Myers Investigation variety of FIRE-NSIC examinations which include the following:

Structural Fires
Residential, commercial, industrial

Immediate Response for Fire Scene Evaluation
Facilitate with local jurisdiction, preservation of evidence, interviews and scene assessment

Product failure and liability analysis

Natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPH) etc.

Reference Standards and Code Compliance
National Fire Protection Association, fire code of New York state.

Building File Review From Authority Having Jurisdiction
Permits, Certificates of Use / Occupancy, inspections, violations

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